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Lifestyle Change Is The True Path To Weight Loss

A popular trend right now in weight loss doesn’t have anything to do with trying different diets or doing intense workouts; the focus is now on making a dynamic shift in lifestyle. Is calorie counting not giving you the results you want to see on your scales?

Perhaps you spend hours each week working out at the gym. It does not matter how much time is being spent in the gym, the weight might still never drop.

Diets that are based on fads often don’t work, but the average dieter seems to try out these diets at least four times in a year. What about exercising? Yes, it does play an important role, but it will not help with the fat either. Studies are now showing that if you really want to lose the weight, then you must begin by making changes to your lifestyle. People who make smart lifestyle changes can lose sixty pounds or more and keep it off. This is what they did to change their lives:

  1. Portion control. When it comes to calories, there is really nothing cryptic about them. It all comes down to eating less than you are using. But if you eat healthy, lean foods in the first place, you don’t need to count calories. You also need to watch your portion sizes, which is much easier than calorie counting. Of course you need to be eating plenty of proteins, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Exercise Rationally Sometimes, all it takes is an hour of walking to lose weight. This is what you should know. No sign of excruciating reps, expensive gym memberships or costly fitness equipment. Consistent and moderate exercise works every single time. Don’t forget to reward yourself with better workout clothes and leggings as you start seeing progress. Some of our members’ favorites bottoms can be found here
  3. Good support system. When the people around you are a positive influence, you are much more likely to succeed at losing weight. If your social circle is made up exclusively of folks who don’t go in for physical activity and have a taste for junk food, you’ll have a much tougher time of it when you try to change your lifestyle.
  4. Getting enough sleep. A lack of quality sleep results in a lack of sufficient insulin production which is needed by your brain to regulate appetite. This means that if you do not get the sleep that you need, you are going to end up making bad eating decisions. Insulin is a key component for regulating your metabolism. When your metabolism is regulated, you have more energy to work with.

5) Keeping track of your progress. Keeping a journal is one of the best things a person can do when losing weight. Keeping track of your efforts and progress by writing down how much you exercised, what you’ve eaten, and what your results are will help you to facilitate your ongoing success. Doing this will allow you to see what things work best for you and help you to maintain awareness of your daily behaviors. Keeping an honest journal also has the advantage of showing up problem areas, such as binging on weekends, or when socializing with certain unlike-minded people. It is suggested that people lose approximately twice as many pounds when keeping a weight loss journal. A food journal is an excellent way to keep yourself fully accountable for what you eat.

You’re not just going to lose weight when you change your lifestyle because it will also help you to have a better, happier, and longer life. These benefits are what you should be striving for. Get real about losing weight, make your lifestyle changes today.


Prices – Formula “B&B;”
Price per double room, breakfast included, air conditioning included:
double room: 60 Euros
double single use: 40 Euro
additional bed: 15 Euros
Payment: cash only on arrival . 30% advance payment is required on booking . Children up to 3 years of age are free guests.

Guests reception from 18 to 22, other times to be agreed
Rooms available until 10.30
Breakfast from 8.30 to 10

How it all started

Our Bed and Breakfast
It all started in 2000: we were looking for a house and … mushrooms!
We found it here, in the hills of Lake Garda, I would never have moved away from the countryside!

But who would have thought that a house could come out of a stable with attached barn?

Our friends aren’t really: they looked at her skeptically, they only saw four old walls. We, however, sitting in front of it, already saw it with the curtains and the cat in the courtyard.

And in fact slowly it took shape.

And what do mushrooms have to do with it? Here, we like to go for mushrooms in Trentino, we carve out small spaces as soon as possible: we stop at night in “B&B;” and the next morning we are in the woods practically at dawn.

And if we get a “B&B;” us too in the barn? No sooner said than done!
So if you pass here and if I have intrigued you, take advantage of our Bed and Breakfast: we are very close to Lake Garda.

Here are the photos of our house before, during and after: what do you say?

Welcome to our Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to our bed and breakfast!
But how many really know what a bed and breakfast is?
Often there is confusion between hotel, hotel and BandB, but the solution is really simple: BandB, for extended bed and breakfast in English, meaning drinking bed and breakfast, is a receptive form based on family hospitality .

Then hotels and hotels use the same wording to identify their offer of bed and breakfast only, but a bed and breakfast should not be confused with a hotel.

Those looking for a real bed and breakfast look for the warmth of hospitality of a real family, who share their home and a piece of their life with their guests, who get involved in the first person to make people appreciate their territory which hosts, thanks to the love it has for its land, for the natural beauties and for the attractions it offers, for its history, for the typical products of the area, for leisure, relaxation and well-being that guests they will know how to appreciate.The bed and breakfast Il Fienile is in the countryside, in the morainic hills south of Lake Garda, in an area so full of every possibility that it is difficult to concentrate its description in a few lines: you are pleased to search through these pages for the path that is for you!Our house is a typical country farmhouse, renovated to obtain our home, and subsequently to obtain our bed and breakfast.

So if you are considering the search for a hotel, hotel, bed and breakfast on Lake Garda, why not take a look at our bed and breakfast?
Lake Garda is only 8km away! You can experience the many possibilities that Lake Garda offers without giving up the peace of the countryside; you can have the same comforts as the hotel and the privacy and familiarity of the bed and breakfast; you can choose a stay that has nothing to envy to the hotel; you can enjoy Lake Garda and its territory in our bed and breakfast, looked after and pampered as family friends.