How it all started

Our Bed and Breakfast
It all started in 2000: we were looking for a house and … mushrooms!
We found it here, in the hills of Lake Garda, I would never have moved away from the countryside!

But who would have thought that a house could come out of a stable with attached barn?

Our friends aren’t really: they looked at her skeptically, they only saw four old walls. We, however, sitting in front of it, already saw it with the curtains and the cat in the courtyard.

And in fact slowly it took shape.

And what do mushrooms have to do with it? Here, we like to go for mushrooms in Trentino, we carve out small spaces as soon as possible: we stop at night in “B&B;” and the next morning we are in the woods practically at dawn.

And if we get a “B&B;” us too in the barn? No sooner said than done!
So if you pass here and if I have intrigued you, take advantage of our Bed and Breakfast: we are very close to Lake Garda.

Here are the photos of our house before, during and after: what do you say?